"The great thing about being an architect is you can walk into your dreams"

Harold Wagoner

Whether great or small the project may be, details make the difference. Always.

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Arch. Stefania Pessina


After some years of apprenticeship in several professional offices, Stefania Pessina opened her architectural firm with headquarter in Monza.
The method adopted by Stefania Pessina leads her to interpret the demand by mediating the proposals of design, functionality, comfort and energy efficiency, through the exploitation of the available spaces, intended as places of experience, in which she administrates the formal and functional aspects in a harmonious and coherent way. Her special stylistic code is especially recognizable in her respect of the original style of each project in which nothing is denatured or forced and the customization mainly plays on a balanced mix of aspects concerning the furniture, finishes and colors.

All of this is made possible by the skills acquired during over twenty years of designing, renovation and building recovery activities. Furthermore, several home staging examples must be mentioned: a soft renovation which allows the house to be more enjoyable, thanks to the enhancement of its strengths and the disguise of its faults, and which also allows the reassessment of property values.

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Concept to Completion: every project grows from here


Only professionals for our projects.

For the development of every construction site, Stefania Pessina relies on the contribution of a proven team of suppliers/cooperators functional to the realization of every specific work plan, in line with the quality and standards imposed by the current housing market, able to provide the best possible solutions in every field, and, in particular, to upgrade the technological systems for the purpose of ensuring higher comfort and targeted energy efficiency.


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